F.A.Q. (continued)

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Q. When the proposal is accepted, how can we be assured you will start on time?
A. Depending on the scope of the project, we will forward a retainer agreement to refrain us from accepting any significant work with project durations in excess of four (4) weeks. This ensures we will be available to begin work at the premises. 

Q. What can we expect on the first day of work?
A. Depending on the scope of work, our routine to begin any project is to ensure the floors are protected and the furniture is covered with plastic sheathing. We then make sure the tools are organized and in order, and all materials are delivered. Part of beginning a functional, well-executed project is being as organized as possible.

Q. Does Platinum Construction supply the final contract?
A. Yes. We will send a copy of your contract to you for review after you have accepted our proposal.

Q. What is in Platinum Construction's contract, and how will it shelter me from construction woes and headaches?
A. Our contract addresses many issues; we will highlight the most essential here:

  • Scope of Work
  • Schedule of Supplied Materials
  • Allowances
  • Payment Schedules (draws)
  • Permits, Inspections, Zoning & Historical Boards
  • Assurance of Sufficient Supervised Workforce
  • Change Orders (if any)
  • Warranties (1 year)
  • Insurance Documentation
  • Waiver of liens from General Contractor and Sub-Contractors prior to final payment
  • Photo Release
  • Per Hour Rate
  • Work Hours
  • Floor Protection, Dust & Noise Control
  • Employee Smoking, Drinking & Drug Policies

Q. What other paperwork will Platinum Construction handle?
A. Permits, inspections, zoning, notices to adjoining neighbors, No Parking signs, historic preservation documents, change orders, additional insurance, and deliveries.

Q. What are your work hours in the field?
A. We are a full-time company, dedicated to our industry and your project. Our normal work schedule is Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This will only vary if we are working in a building with a specific restriction policy regarding construction work.

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