Frequently Asked Questions (& the Ones That Should Be!)

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Before making an important personal and financial decision like remodeling your home, you have every right to expect clear and honest answers to all your questions. At Platinum Construction, we don't wait for you to ask us – we like to provide our answers to you up front. On this page, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective customers like you.

A general course of initial action most customers tend to take is as follows:

  1. Select an Architect
  2. Settle on a Plan Design
  3. Decide Your Potential Budget
  4. Have Your Architect Deliver Plans to Town Hall for Approval & Review
  5. Select General Contractors to Bid on Your Project
  6. Select a General Contractor
  7. (Optional) Consult With An Interior Designer
  8. Request a Feasibility Report (if applicable)

Here are some commonly asked questions and our straightforward, simple answers to them. We hope they not only display Platinum's candor and unwavering honesty towards our customers, but help you make the right remodeling choice for you and your project!

Q. How should I go about selecting my architect?
A. Architectural firms come in a variety of sizes and types. The average firm is made up of 3 or 5 people, many firms are smaller. Some firms have very specific specialties. Each architectural firm brings its own combination of skills, expertise, interests, and values to its projects. All good architects will listen to you and translate your ideas into a viable construction project. Look for a good listener and you'll find a good architect. After finding a suitable Registered Architect (R.A.) you would like to work with, let's move on to the next phase of your project.  

Q. What steps are necessary to develop construction drawings?
A. A site visit for the proposed site will be necessary. A walk through will be made by the R.A. to take measurements, inspect existing structures, denote troubled areas and determine the style of house. During the site review, measurements will be taken, and some R.A.'s may need to cut inspection holes to inspect foundations, supporting walls, hazardous materials, etc. The R.A.'s will exchange styles, ideas, finishes and techniques with the client. All this information will fuel thought into the form of a preliminary set of Construction Drawings (CD). This first set of CD's will usually be in a smaller format. If changes are required they should be made at this point. Changes at this point on paper are cheapest and do not require formal written requests. Your R.A.'s will work with you on these changes to bring a balance between form and function. Once the plans have been accepted by the owner, a complete set will be delivered to the building official's office in your township for a plan review.  The sheets are 11" x 17" or 24" x 36" or 30" x 42". The size is based on the type of project and the amount of information required to explain it. One of the building official's jobs is to check for code compliance and local regulations.  Any changes (should there be any) to the plan will need to be corrected and incorporated into a new set of drawings. The approved new drawings are now ready for bid. The R.A.'s should supply you with 4-6 copies. Construction drawings are considered to be a legal document. They will become part of the written contract between the owner and Contractor.

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