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Part of doing a job right is knowing you've done it before. The same can be said of ensuring quality, safety, and accountability on the job site. It is for this reason that Platinum Construction holds its staff to the utmost standard through fair and principled policies & procedures that guarantee stellar service.

Some of our stand-out policies include:

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Platinum Ensures an Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

Anyone can promise responsible behavior on the job site in the future. Very few companies have displayed that high level of responsibility over time. Platinum Construction has a proven track record of strong workplace ethics, proper utilization of the customer's time, and concern for the safety of its employees and the public.

As such, it is Platinum Construction's longstanding policy to test all its employees for alcohol and drug use at any time. Platinum takes this extra step because its customers are not just paying for a quality finished product – they are paying for peace of mind. They are paying for the security of a construction firm that respects both the trust of its customers and the health of its employees.

Platinum's testing policy is a six-tiered plan that includes the following categories:

  1. Pre-employment*
  2. Random
  3. Post-accident
  4. Reasonable suspicion or cause
  5. Return to duty
  6. Follow-up
    (* - Drug test only)

Platinum Construction takes any positive drug or alcohol test very seriously. Any employee that fails a test at any time is subject to disciplinary action and/or termination.

Alcohol - Platinum Construction conducts both blood and breath alcohol tests. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for elevated alcohol levels in the workplace. An alcohol test result of 0.04 or greater will result in immediate termination. A positive result of less than 0.04 will result in a discretionary level of disciplinary action. Observed behavior and other information will also be considered in disciplinary decisions. Failure to submit to requested testing will also result in termination.

We prohibit the unauthorized possession or consumption of alcohol while on work duty. We also prohibit the consumption of alcohol during working hours, meal periods and other breaks. Alcohol is defined as any beverage, mixture, or preparation, including medication, prescribed or over-the counter, intentionally or unintentionally, containing alcohol.

Prescription Drugs - Platinum Construction also prohibits the abuse of legitimately prescribed drugs, while on or off duty. This includes dependency and/or using drugs for reasons other than the purpose of the initial prescription. Employees are required to disclose all prescription drug use to management, which has the right to request a physician's statement attesting to the drug's proper use and potential interference with job safety.

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