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Q. Do you ever work over the weekend?
A. We strive to accommodate work deadlines, and may schedule work on Saturdays to do so (with prior notice and preference given to the customer). We do not work Sundays.

Q. Do you have an in-house staff?
A. Yes, we have an administrative team dedicated to answering your calls and arranging a proper work schedule. Our team is available during their office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Q. I have hired Contractors before that either never showed up or came much later than they promised due to lack of foresight in scheduling. How do you handle your schedule to ensure this doesn't happen? Do you have policies in place?
A. We are committed to our customers and the industry. Our referrals from our past clients will reassure you that you are hiring a company whose main goal is to treat each project with professionalism and all due diligence and respect. If for some reason delays occur, you will be notified immediately of these delays.  Delays are taken seriously, and Platinum Construction will use available staff from another project to maintain a schedule to avoid delays.  

Q. Do you take progress photos of your work?
A. We will take photos before, during, and upon completion of the project.

Q. When are clean ups handled?
A. It is our policy to clean the work site on a daily basis. The site will be broom swept, vacuumed, and tools will be arranged. Depending on the breadth of the project, we may require a gang box in which to keep tools.

Q. What responsibilities does Platinum Construction have on a project?
A. We provide project management, demo, framing, masonry work, mechanical work, insulation, sheet rock, fine carpentry, staining, painting and tiling. We use Sub-Contractors as necessary in their specific fields of expertise to provide the highest quality performance.

Q. Does your Home Improvement Contractor license allow Platinum Construction to install plumbing and electric?
A. No, our license does not make us Licensed Plumbing and Electrical Contractors. We use separate Contractors with those specific licenses to make necessary repairs or installations.

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