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Q. At which point in the beginning phases of our project should we call you?
A. You may call us at any time during this process. When the Construction Drawings (CDs) have been completed, give us a call and we will set up an appointment. 

Q. How quickly can you begin my project?
A. This information will be included with in our proposal. From our years of experience, we find most reputable General Contractors are at least 4-6 weeks out. All General Contracting companies try to keep a lead time in excess of 4-6 months. If a company claims it can start in less than a month, this may be a good indicator for more scrutiny.

Q. Will you supply a list of prior projects and references?
A. Yes! We love to show our work off. We have a list of contacts available for you to call and do your own research, which includes our last 3 projects in chronological order and 60 other clients who would love to talk about their experiences with Platinum Construction. 

Q. When will I need work permits?
A. The scope of work will dictate the necessity of the work permits. Work permits must be in place prior to the commencement of any work.

Q. Who applies for the work permits?
A. Platinum Construction (the General Contractor) will apply for all work permits required by your Department of Building located at town hall. These applications will include copies of our home improvement license, insurance documents, Certified Lead-Safe Renovator, pertinent application forms, and all other necessary documents.

Q. What type of materials will you use in our project?
A. In most cases we exceed the minimum requirements of the building industries. Our final product is backed by our One Year warranty. 98% percent of our projects are entered for national awards, company literature or DVD's. In our contract under specifications a complete list of materials will be made available.

Q. Are materials and labor included in your quotes?
A. Within our proposals, a detailed list of materials and labor is always clearly defined. Some projects will even list allowances for special lighting and plumbing fixtures, tiles, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, etc. In any event, our policy is to provide you an accurate account of all estimable costs.

Q. Can we reside in the unit while construction is in progress?
A. It all depends on the size and nature of the construction project. As a rule of thumb, projects such as kitchen and bathrooms may allow for the owner to reside while work is in progress (providing they have another bathroom).  On some of the larger projects, safety becomes a large deciding factor. In all cases, Platinum errs on the side of caution, and will lay out all your options ahead of time.

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