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Marcello D'Aureli, Owner & Master Carpenter

Marcello D'Aureli's lifelong passion has always been construction. A first generation Italian-American, Marcello was the third child of four raised in Queens, New York. As a child, he immediately began to take interest in construction – growing up in a large, craftsman-style home filled with his mother's household appliances piqued his interest in how things worked and how homes were built.

Marcello's path did not lead him directly to his passion as a career, however. A well-rounded man with many interests, Marcello has dedicated himself to trying as many different things as possible and doing his very best at all of them. He is a graduate of the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) in Virginia Beach, VA. (He remains up-to-date on all his automotive certifications to this day.)

His first job in the automotive technical industry was with the Exxon Corp. from 1983-1987 as an apprentice, where his passion and love for hands-on work was highly valued and made concrete. From Exxon, Marcello moved on to Mobil (before they merged) from 1987-1989, where he became a lead technician and eventually escalated into a management position.

After his years in the automotive industry, Marcello's life led him in a different direction. A chance viewing of Jacques Cousteau on TV made him realize another of his life's passions – scuba diving and the sea. Marcello went after those ambitions, and quickly became a certified scuba diver. (He has since logged over 280 hours underwater.) His love of beautiful ocean scenery coupled with his passion for building led him to begin building custom aquariums. He built not only custom aquarium tanks (some measuring 1125 gallons), but oak cabinets, custom filtration systems, and lighting skirts for the tanks as well. From a small shop catering specifically to local pet stores, Marcello's aquarium business grew to a 1500 sq-ft. shop in under two years, selling thousands of aquariums at over 160 pet stores in the tri-state area.

Marcello's clients saw the quality of his handiwork and began requesting his assistance with home remodeling projects. A few jobs later, Marcello knew his childhood passion was calling him once again. In 1997, Marcello moved to New Jersey and began catering his construction business to Manhattan, Hudson and Bergen Counties.

Marcello found the challenges of working on major properties in Manhattan inspiring for several years. After the world changed in 2001, Marcello decided to re-direct his focus exclusively to his New Jersey customers. During this time, his dreams continued to be fulfilled as he met his beautiful wife, who has since given him three very handsome sons, Marcello ("Little M") Caden and Dario.

Marcello recognizes the blessings in his life, and attributes them not only to his hard work, but the guidance and love of his family, friends, and teachers throughout his life. His passion in construction is applying that hard work and love to your projects. In 2007, Platinum Construction became a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

One of Marcello's proudest professional moments came in 2008, when Platinum Construction received the prestigious CKBR certification (Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler). This recognition of merit came as a result of hard work, passion, and professional craftsmanship by Marcello and his staff. In the same year, Platinum Construction was bestowed the national award for Best Kitchen Remodeler. Since then, Marcello (and Platinum)'s work has been submitted for numerous other awards, currently pending final consideration by elite judging panels.

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