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Q. So far, so good. Now the "easy" part: how do I choose a General Contractor? Is there such a thing as having too many options? How many estimates do I actually need?
A. There are no hard and fast rules here. Some consumers prefer to get a number of bids before making a decision. Others find that after the interview process, there is one Contractor they strongly prefer and will only ask that Contractor to submit a formal written estimate or proposal. What really matters is that you end up feeling that you have adequate information to make the right choice of contractor. As a general rule, with the proper drawings and specifications, three estimates will usually provide sufficient information for you to make a decision. The bid should include materials, labor, permits and the time frame in which the company could start and complete the project.

The following is a list of items that should be clearly listed within the bid:

  • Permits
  • General Conditions
  • Use of Sub-Contractors
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Exclusions (if any)
  • Line Items
  • Allowances
  • Estimated Work Days
  • Availability to Begin Project
  • License Number (a must)
  • Expiration Date of Proposal

Now that you've selected a General Contractor, we hope that you have chosen us! In the event you have, here is some information up front about how Platinum Construction operates.

Q. How long will it take to get a detailed written proposal?
A. Platinum Construction generally delivers a detailed written proposal within 3-5 business days. For larger projects, may take up to 20 days to create an all-inclusive written proposal, with over 80 hours invested in its preparation.

Q. Will Platinum Construction assist with the construction drawings?
A. No. You should have drawings in hand and all details worked out with your architect and/or interior designer already. We do not have in-house architectural services; we do, however, help with some of the fine design details within - i.e., moulding design details, stain colors, flooring and tile layout.

Q. When will I need the construction drawings completed?
A. This all depends on your local building department parameters. Common projects that necessitate construction drawings include the changing of a structural layout, plumbing & electrical upgrades, and change of location. Be sure to check with your construction official!

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