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Conduct & Performance Policy

At Platinum Construction, our reputation is built on the conduct and character of every one of our employees. As such, we hold our staff to the highest personal and professional standards.

We Live By Four Basic Employee Requirements…

  • Perform your job in a professional, productive, and thorough manner.
  • Be courteous to clients and fellow employees.
  • Be trustworthy and honest in all business dealings.
  • Abide by a reasonable number of rules and a standard of conduct required by the business.

Performing well on the job is only part of creating a positive experience for the customer. Platinum Construction establishes and maintains conduct standards that are separate from standards that govern job performance. Conduct involves behavioral issues, whereas, performance relates to the execution of the duties and responsibilities of your job. A review of both the conduct and performance standards follows.


Standards and requirements for job performance will vary depending on the job. For example, requirements for a lead carpenter differ from those of laborer. However, reaching the pinnacle of your personal and professional potential should be your ultimate goal whatever your job description may be. Working with your manager, you are expected to attain the highest level of job performance possible. 

Performance Review

Recognition for a job well done and suggestions for individual improvement are fundamental to the success of Platinum Construction. We strive to function at the highest of levels, and we recognize and value each employee's individual contribution to this goal.

Employees' Personal Appearance / Safety Precautions Policy

The image of Platinum Construction is only as positive as the appearance of its employees. Presenting a clean, well-groomed, and safety-conscious image is just part of the pride employees take in working for our company.

Safety – Proper safety accessories must be worn whenever necessary. Taking an extra moment to put on safety goggles, construction boots, work gloves, harnesses and hard hats not only creates an aura of safety and personal respect, but greatly reduces the risk of injury on the job site.

Platinum Construction takes pride in its sterling safety record. Since 1998, no employee of Platinum Construction has been injured on the job.

Personal Hygiene – Employees' hair should be well-groomed, clean, and set in an appropriate style. Facial hair must be trimmed, neat, and kept at a reasonable length.

Apparel – In a high-rise building work environment, all Platinum Construction employees are required to wear the necessary company logo shirt and name tag. Employees are expected to wear attire appropriate for the job site on all other occasions.

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